'Madotsuki from Yume Nikki'

bullet You may call me Hana!
bullet I'm 19 years old!
bullet She/Her/They/Them Collectively!
bullet I'm a black girl!
bullet Diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and OSDD-1b as of 2021
bullet I have had a love for coding and all things design since as long as I can remember. I mostly satiated my love for design on Deviantart, however, with the arrival of Eclipse, I moved away from it. After discovering Neocities, I immediately fell in love and planned out multiple different website designs while heavily inspired by sites like Cinni.net and Comfort. Programming for me is entirely about self-expression and most likely always will be. Although I do program commercially now, I do believe that the internet is for the people, rather than for large companies! Say no to Web3!!

'Our Pronouns are plural They/Them' Stamp! 'ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)' Stamp! 'Non-Binary' Stamp! 'Pansexual' Stamp! 'Anxiety Disorder' Stamp! 'I am a Daydreamer' Stamp! 'Self taught idiot' Stamp! 'I love my computer' Stamp! My Melody and My Sweet Piano Stamp! 'Sparkle Kid' Stamp! 'Pantone Stardust' Stamp! 'Unsettling' Stamp! 'Still Healing' Stamp! Eevee evolutions Stamp! Nyan Cat Portal Stamp! Cinnamoroll Stamp!

DNI || do not interact

Queen Bee from Helluva Boss

bullet Under 13 is a no-go for me. Sorry!
bullet I've had my fair share of drama growing up so I'd like to abstain from that. If you find yourself in that kind of space frequently, please limit your interactions. Thanks!
bullet While I have my own political ideas, and welcome other views concerning things like money, jobs, etc., I will not entertain anyone who is against basic human rights. I do not care about how you think queer folk are ruining the world. Keep that shit to yourself.

'1-800 did I ask?' Stamp! Rainbow Heart Tunnel Stamp! I really don't know what this is... Stamp! Geode Stamp! 'Pocky' Stamp! White Strawberries Stamp! I love making cute crafts Stamp! Cake Stamp!

BYI || before you interact

Young Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog

bullet I'm a little bit of a disaster, I won't lie. I need tone indicators almost imperatively over text and I still occasionally missread tones when talking. I've gotten a lot better about being able to understand sarcasm but sometimes I struggle with understanding if someone is or is not mad at me. Bare with me on that!
bullet Limit NSFW around me please. It's quite uncomfortable.
bullet If I think of anything else, I'll add it, but that's it for now.

Here's some more stamps!

'Addicted to Pink' Stamp! Len and Rin Vocaloid Stamp! 'I heart pretty rainbows' Stamp! 'Barbie' Stamp! 'h3' Stamp! 'I love bows' Stamp! Pill Capsules Stamp! A pretty fish Stamp!
Fruits button! Sailor Moon button! 'Forever Online' button! Pride Flag button! Sunshine button! 'Graphic Design!' button!