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Feb 18th 2024: It's time to wrap up the weekend

This weekend has been the biggest rollercoaster of emotions OMG
On Saturday, I went out with my sister to see a movie. She ended up getting me a giftbag full of stuff as well! I got a unicorn plushie that I haven't named yet.. I'll get a picture later.
Today, I got some driving practice in by driving me and my father to the Tim Hortons. I managed to thoroughly stress myself out, but I am alive! I have not gotten my license yet because my anxiety has kept me from taking the test. I recently became more consistent with practicing, and I'll be on the road by myself here in a couple of months. Hurrah!
That's all for now. Take care of yourselves and have a good evening per usual!

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Feb 15th 2024: I finally got around to making this thing!

The layout for the blog is complete finally YAY! I kind of took design inspo from the colorful designs of Pastel Goth !! I really hope I did it justice. As for today, I went skating with an IRL and my mother. We're trying to go consistently as a way to help me get out more. It was fun! It always is fun.
Tonight, I plan to do some more work on the layout. While helping Pastel Goth with her site layout, I ended up learning some things that could help clean up the css on the main layout. Expect updates later!
Alright, that's all for now. Take care of yourselves and have a good evening!

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