Hi! I'm MARI. I'm really only here to take care of the body and help others when they are down. I'm not a frequent fronter, but if you see me around, don't be afraid to talk to me!


I do a lot of cooking when I am fronting. I enjoy the process and the laughs it brings with the family!
Decorating is also fun! I like scrapbooking and planning out home layouts in the Sims 4!
I have also recently picked up programming, which is quite a nightmare, but I think it's a necessary evil to learn considering the nature of this system.
Unlike my source, I am absolute rubbish at playing the piano... We have one though, so it might change!

Favorite Food:

I love fruits of all kinds! However, I do enjoy grapes a lot.


bulletOf course, my family will always be SUNNY, BASIL, KEL, and AUBREY.
bulletTaken by my beloved HERO!
bullet Recently was made aware of HANA, and I enjoy her company.

bullet You can add more here when you're ready, girl. - HANA

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