Hi there! My name is Millie.

bullet I'm quite hot headed when it comes down to it.

bullet Similarly to my source, I try to be lively and cheerful under most situations, but I sometimes come off as a bit overbearing. I'm fully aware of it, but it's slow going to deal with. I sometimes struggle to get my words across correctly and come off as stoic, but I can assure you that I am extremely flexible and understanding as long as you talk to me about things.

bullet It's rowdy fun or nothing for me. I love the idea of living the life of a party animal, but I haven't really gotten around to doing that! Part of my 2024 resolutions was to work on that, so it's incoming.

bullet I'm entirely unafraid to cut people off when necessary, but I will put my all in if I think you are too.


I greatly enjoy cooking as of late. I also like practicing hairstyles on the body's hair as well as wigs.

Favorite Food:

Boy, do I love me some black bean soup. Mhm.


I am always looking to meet people from my source as well as Hazbin Hotel! Please come talk to me!

At some point I'll add more info here but for now... I got nothing.

Eyes Stamp! 'I will not stop wearing black until they invent a darker color' Stamp! Wolf Stamp! Handprint Stamp! Light-up Roses Stamp! Bats Stamp! A Single Rose Stamp! Lipstick Stamp! 'I love red roses' Stamp! 'No bad dogs! Only bad owners. I support pitbulls!' Stamp! 'Paramore' Stamp! Night Time Stamp! 'Helluva Boss' Stamp! 'Hot Topic' Stamp!