About me! (Basic Edition)

Hello friends! I'm Tia, but you can call me Pastel Goth !! (!! included) or DECORA GIRL. I've been a member of this system since 2012, along side my older sister.

I'm a very big party animal, boasting a LOT of energy and an inherent need to make people smile. I've become one with the cringe resulting from that: I use typing quirks a lot (mostly replacing letters with numbers and TYPING IN ALL CAPS WITH LOTS OF !!!!) for the fun of it, and I love overdecorating things. People like to call me obnoxious and that is what I live for!

Sysphobic people like to use headmates like me as an example of what headmates should not be like and I think that's a load of bullshit! Cringe culture is DEAD! Be whoever you want folks. You're going to piss off people regardless of what you do.

ps. The song is Sparkle by Snail's House!


Oh, I'm fucking miserable at coding. I do my absolute best to make things work but looking at CSS is a nightmare... That being said, I still want to learn how, so I'm probably going to take up my own coding project sometime.
You can find a link to the template for this site here!


Here's the link to the site profile! It's still a big WIP, but I've already learned quite a lot.

What are your favorite aesthetics?

Pastel Goth, Decora Kei, Indie Kid, Scene, Fairy Kei, Visual Kei... Anything over-the-top really.

Just some inspo images from Pinterest